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MGP-CALCOV-CHAL-10 Dodge Challenger (2008-Current) Brake Caliper Covers  - Choose Yellow, Black or Red
Set of 4

Fits all models Factory stock upgrade part.  All metal and powder coated Brake Rotor Covers.  Easy to install.  Get that race car look!  They are painted in standard Red (not designed to perfectly match any prowler body color).  For custom colors see item below.
Everything you need to mount them is included.

What are our Caliper Covers?

Brake Caliper Covers are a bolt-on stylish upgrade for your factory calipers. These easy to install covers reduce brake dust, decrease caliper heat, prolong the life of brake pads and hide unsightly rust.

What are the Fitment notes?
Caliper covers require 1/8" clearance (equal to the thickness of two quarters) between the wheel and the brake caliper. Measure from the back of the wheel to the front of the caliper for clearance. Be sure to check the clearance prior to purchase or contact us with any fitment questions.
> Front and rear brake caliper covers included. (4 piece cover set)

What are some quick points about your brake caliper covers?
 > Powder coated finish
 > Reduces Brake Dust
 > Keeps your wheels and rims cleaner
 > Simple straight-forward caliper cover installation
 > Laser cut from 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum
 > Stainless steel fastening system with locking nut
 > Installs in usually less than one hour
 > Made in the USA

What are the Caliper covers made of?
6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum. Proudly made in the USA, these caliper covers are hydraulically formed to fit OEM brake calipers, TIG welded for long lasting durability.

How do I install these covers?
See our Fitment pictures for installation and read our detailed installation instructions. In short, Installation takes approximately 40 minutes to one hour. All you will need are a jack, safety jack stands, a lug wrench and 3/8" wrench and you will be on the road. No drilling, no grinding, no tape or adhesive, no paint, no cleaning and no messy prep work is necessary to install our caliper covers. Covers can be removed and reinstalled anytime.


Shown in Red with "RETRO" Script

Shown in Black with "NEW" Script

Shown in Black with "NEW" Script


$  289.95 set of 4
Choose Year

Choose Model

Choose Logo Script

Choose Color of Covers

VIN last 8 digits -
Last 8 digits of VIN
for car brake option



Special Order

2 week delivery

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$  16.95


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